First Steps Following a Personal Injury Accident

First Steps Following a Personal Injury Accident

Personal injury situations are terrifying, it is however, critically important to keep calm and make the right decisions. The decisions you choose to make following a personal injury event can affect the amount of compensation that you will receive upon following through with your personal injury claim.

  • Get medical attention
  • Keep all of your records, photos, and keep detailed notes
  • Following up and pursuing your injury claim

Get Medical Help!

The first thing to consider after you have been injured, even if you are feeling okay is to seek medical attention. It is good for peace of mind to know the status of your condition and also this will add weight to your personal injury claim. It is very difficult to prove that injuries were a result of a specific event without the review of a licensed physician.

Keep All of Your Records, Photos and Keep Detailed Notes

By keeping all of your records, photos, and notes you will not only be in control of the situation but you will also be able to arm your personal injury attorney with the tools he needs to peruse your injury claim. This will give you the best opportunity to receive the largest amount of compensation available.
Keep notes regarding all of your injury care; Doctors records, Chiropractors logs, Physical Therapist appointments, and any other professionals that you were referred to that are relevant to your personal injury case.

To add more weight, and to help fight for your compensation, do the following:

  • Keep all notes and records regarding the accident.
  • Take photos at the scene of the accident and try to include photos of the surrounding area including road signs, traffic lights, etc.
  • Keep records of financial expenses, monetary losses, financial damages, lost opportunities, lost wages, etc.

Following up and pursuing your injury claim

Lastly, it is critically important to file your claim as soon as possible preceding the personal injury event. Each state defines a statute of limitations for which your personal injury lawyer must adhere to. Once this statute is exceeded there is nothing else your personal injury attorney can do to help you collect your compensation. The best thing to do is get in contact with a professional Injury Attorney as soon as possible.

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