Emotional Injuries Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

Emotional Injuries Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

Many people overlook the emotional injuries that someone can suffer after they have been in an automobile accident. These injuries can change someone’s way of life and make it nearly impossible for them to live as they did before.

A Look At Emotional Injuries

There are many emotional injuries that could occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident. If the accident were severe, you might find that you have paralyzing emotional fear that keeps you from being able to drive or be involved in certain types of activities. You could suffer from mental anguish, anger, humiliation, fear, emotional distress, embarrassment, or even shock. Each one of these can severely impact how you live your life.

How These Injuries Effect One’s Life

One of the biggest problems with these unseen injuries is that they seriously impact one’s life. If you are suffering from emotional injuries following a motor vehicle accident, then you might find yourself losing interest in life. Sex will no longer be enjoyable and you might even find that you become sexually dysfunctional. Your favorite activities might also become things that you no longer feel an interest to participate in. Everything about life might feel as though it has come to a halt.

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In addition to not feeling like you can live your life like you did before the accident, you might find that you break down and cry frequently. This can prevent you from being able to have success in your job or might even result in the loss of employment. You might end up losing sleep or not being able to ever feel fully rested which can leave you without energy or tired most of the day.

Other symptoms include weight loss or gain or an inability to eat or a never ending hunger. No matter what emotional issues you are suffering with, if the symptoms start to impact your life in a negative way then you have to consider what can be done to get you back on track. Some people find that therapy or intensive treatments are needed and these should all be accounted for when you are dealing with insurance companies.