Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The worst pain you will experience is the death of a loved one. Untimely deaths, or unnecessary deaths, are the hardest deaths to overcome. Someone ran a red light, the owner negligently forgot to put out the right equipment, or the warning signs were not visible – these are a just few incidents that have caused millions of families grief and pain.

Hire a Personal Injury Wrongful Death Attorney Who Cares

A great wrongful death attorney will work to get you justice and compensation. You need a personal injury attorney who can sympathize with your loss, while working to get you the benefits you deserve. Your deceased loved ones cannot speak for themselves, but you can. Irresponsible and negligent parties should pay for their actions.

The law firm of John D. Mooney, P.A. will spare nothing to bring your lawsuit to fruition. The firm has comprehensive knowledge of Florida’s personal injury laws and statues. They know that the death of a family member or a bread winner causes financial hardship for struggling families.

Get the Compensation Your Family Deserves

The plans for children’s education are put on hold, or all together dismissed. Homes go into foreclosure, car payments are behind, and medical bills are constantly rolling in. You can help make life better for those left behind.

With compensation from the lawsuit, you can take care of last minute expenses, put money away for the kids college, and catch up on mortgage payments. Finances will not bring your loved one back, put it will help lessen the responsibilities you are left holding.

Hire an Attorney With Courtroom Experience

Most wrongful death cases go to trial, where the judge or a jury will hear the case and make a decision. If this happens, you want an attorney who knows his or her way around the courtroom. John D. Mooney is an experienced personal injury attorney with courtroom experience.

If your loved one was killed as a result of negligence, and you are the beneficiary or relative of the deceased, you meet the criteria to file a wrongful death lawsuit.