What to do When Injured at Work- Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale

What to do When Injured at Work- Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale

What to do When Injured at Work- Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Employers are required by law to provide a safe working environment for all employees. In the last several decades, the laws surrounding safe working conditions have tightened to ensure that all employees are treated equally safe regardless of what type of job they have. However, even in light of these laws, workplace accidents still happen. Employees are injured every day due to unsafe work conditions or unsafe demands that are placed on them by their employer. In the long run, safe working conditions and safe work practices will save an employer time and money, but when accidents do happen, it is important for employees to understand what their rights are concerning their injuries and the resulting medical bills and lost work time.

When an individual is injured at work, reporting the accident as soon as possible will benefit them and their fellow employees. Allowing an injury to go unnoticed and unaddressed is a disservice to you and to your fellow employees who may also be at risk of getting injured. Some people may not want to report their injuries for fear of getting in trouble or getting fired. However, the longer you wait the less chance you will have of getting the support and care and compensation you deserve and need.

In some cases, an employer may deny that the accident was work-related if you wait too long to report it. After a certain amount of time, it could appear that the accident was your own fault and took place on your own time. Contacting a good Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale can help you map out what your course of action should be following a work-related injury. In addition, if you do not report the accident as work-related, it could affect how your insurance company will handle medical costs for you. Work-related injuries are handled differently than other injuries in most insurance plans.

Many individuals who have suffered work-related injuries are eligible for at least partial disability payments. It is important that you take all necessary steps to report your injury so that your injury payments will not be jeopardized.