Incident reports after a slip and fall accident

Incident reports after a slip and fall accident

First Steps are Critical

After a slip and fall accident, the first actions you take can go a long way toward protecting your potential claim. Ideally, an incident report should be completed on scene to note what happened, who witnessed the accident and the conditions that caused the fall. This report will ultimately help you and your personal injury lawyer throughout the duration of your case.

Incident Investigation Reports

In general, every retail store should have an “incident investigation form” to address accidents involving customers. The requirement for a report is usually a store or business policy and is not required by law. Often, commercial property owners ask injured people to fill out and sign incident reports, but again there is no law that mandates it.

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Take Pictures and Note Witnesses Present

However, if a report is not completed at the business location (or occurred at private location and was not observed by others), you should make a record of what happened yourself by taking pictures at the scene, noting who was present, what was said and a brief description of the circumstances. When you fill out an official incident report, make sure that you accurately explain how you got hurt and get the manager’s signature. Management should be cooperative, must treat customers with care, and within a timely manner.

Report it Immediately

The general consensus is you should report the accident immediately to the premises owner or some responsible person connected with the premises. Regardless of where the accident takes place, always take notes on what happened and always contact a personal injury lawyer to help you through the process.