How can I prove fault in a slip and fall case? Learn more now!

How can I prove fault in a slip and fall case? Learn more now!

Proving fault in a Florida slip and fall case can be complicated. An injured person may be up against legal representations from large companies that have vast resources. I urge you to strongly consider seeking the help of an accident attorney or a personal injury lawyer. (Florida slip and fall attorneys practice Florida personal injury law.) They have experience in these cases; often it’s necessary to have an experienced personal injury lawyer at your side when you are trying to, “build evidence of the premises’ owner’s actual or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition and their failure to take action to fix it.”

When you make the smart choice to retain legal representation, you still have a responsibility at the time of the accident to obtain necessary details. Immediately contact the manager on duty and document the fall with an incident report with the following information:


  • Take pictures of any foreign substance, hole and/or dangerous conditions.
  • Name, address and contact information for the injured victim, as well as any witnesses
  • The date, time and place of the incident
  • A brief description of the fall and any injuries sustained at that time
  • It is important in proving fault to obtain pertinent information for your accident attorney, as they will likely requisition witness statements from other customers and store as well as store records of maintenance, past repairs and surveillance video from the store.
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Additionally, it is your responsibility in the event of injury to seek appropriate medical help the day of the injury and other necessary supplemental care. Your personal injury lawyer will requisition information including witness statements from emergency medical technicians and paramedics, EMS records, and doctor’s reports.

These items can become very complicated in a Florida slip and fall case. If you have been injured, an experienced Florida accident attorney can help you decide if you have a case and present the best proof to the insurance companies and claim representatives.